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Mayer, Martinis and Mistletoe

Okay, let's forget two of the tree things mentioned in the subject line.  I am not drinking a martini... though I'd like to be.  Instead, I'm actually getting friendly with this little vodka/sprite/kool-aid number...

Which, in this picture, appears to be jello in a glass.  Trick of the light, I promise.  It's actually quite see-through and less gross-looking real life, really.

And, there's absolutely no mistletoe in my house.  I suppose I could do as they did on Two & a Half Men from last week and hang broccoli and call it mistletoe, but I don't have any broccoli either.  So I guess I will be mistletoe-less this Christmas.  Unless hubby decides to get either mistletoe or broccoli.

Neither of these seem likely. 

Even without mistletoe, though, I did get in the Christmas mood tonight.  Gifts were bought, wrapped and put under the tree!  My not-so-great wrapping jobs are ready to be decimated by little kids.  And I'm ok with that.

I was also able to put up my masterfully created "joy" above our nativity scene...

Okay so the letters aren't really straight.  I think I'll let hubby fix that. 

The one thing about my subject that was correct- I am listening to John Mayer.  His "Born & Raised" album to be exact.  Absolutely love it, as I love all his albums.  So, to be more correct, I should have called this "Mayer, Vodka Kool-Aids & Presents."

But it just didn't seem to have the same ring, you know?


Erin @ Living In Yellow said...

Hey lady--I just wanted to say thank you so much for your sweet comment you left on my blog this evening. Your words mean so much, so thank you for that. Also--you should consider adding your email to your profile so people can respond directly to your sweet little comments :) Lastly, I wish I was drinking your little vodka drink you were having!!!

Your blog is so cute :) Keep up the good work girl!!!

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

LOVE that joy decal and the nativity! So pretty :) Merry Christmas!

Jaime Hungry said...

Adorable tree! I'm minorly obsessed with my mine and should probably get around to taking pictures of it one of these days. Also, I love the way you make your drinks! I usually mix vodka-sprite-cranberry, or vodka-redbull-cranberry, so good!