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End of Days, 2012

I guess the day has come.
In just a few short hours 2012 will officially be in the past, and we'll be living in 2013.
Crazy to think that all the things that have happened this year will now have happened last year.
Tomorrow, I'll be able to say these things:
I got married last year.
I moved into my new home last year.
I celebrated the homecoming of a wonderful friend from Kuwait last year.
My grandpa died last year.
I was Maid of Honor to a great friend last year.
I went to Harry Potter Universe with my mom, cousin & grandma last year.
Dean, a man who was incredibly important to me while I was growing up and who still is just as important, died last year.
Tomorrow, I'll be able to say those things.  But for tonight, for this one last night, they happened this year.  It has been an incredibly emotional year, but I know that I will carry all these things with me for all the future years I have.
So tonight, I dance.
To celebrate.
To remember.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Okay your nephew is the cutest thing I have ever seen oh my gosh!! Precious :)