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Alrighty friends,

Here we are.

On my blog.

Which means- I'm blogging!

But let's think about those sentences.  The "friends" to whom I write are, at the current moment, non-existent.  Not that I don't have friends- I do.  Just none that know about this blog.  I figure before I make it known to everyone that I'm blogging, I should actually do it.  So, here I am. 

And what, so far, have I written of any importance?  Well, the answer to this, my currently-non-existent-but-hopefully-soon-to-expand friend base, is that I've not really said anything yet.  And shouldn't I, as a blogger, say something?

Let's start with saying who I am.  Then, when we're good and introduced, I'll hopefully keep you coming back for more!

My name is Ashley.  (Yep, that's looking me classy on my wedding day).  I'm 25 and newly married.  I grew up in a suburb and had big dreams of moving to a big city and doing all sorts of big-city things.  Mostly, I wanted to own a lot of shoes and go to concerts.  Although I still love shoes and concerts, I no longer have plans to move to a big city.  In fact, I went the direct opposite.  I now live in a town that boasts a population on par with the student body at my high school.  So yes, definitely an adjustment.

I married my husband Jake (that's him above looking all dapper on our wedding day) on August 18th.  From here on out, I'll just call him hubby.  Cause that seems easier.  And hey, I married him so I might as well take advantage of being able to call him that!  We've spent four months being blissfully happy and never fighting realizing that sometimes we just need to roll our eyes at the dumb things each other does.  I guess that's love, right folks?  My husband has introduced me to a world I previously knew nothing about- this world includes tractors, hay, cattle, dairy production and the occasional lesson on the history of Johnny Cash.  I, in turn, have introduced him to my never-ending desire to go back to France, his new love of chimichangas, DIY Network and the strange idea that there are some dishes/pots/pans that cannot, under any circumstances, go into the dishwasher.  Yep, I'm clearly the frontrunner on making the best introductions.  (Though he'd probably adamently disagree and go into a monologue on how important Johnny Cash is.)  Not that I disagree... I'd just rather talk about France.

Well, there's my me.  I'll be back soon for some more exciting things :)

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