Insanity Round Two

Ack!  I honestly can't believe that I just started back up with Insanity!  I'm so nervous, so excited and so looking forward to what this program will do for my health and fitness, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit to being nervous too!  When I first started on my Beachbody journey, I jumped into Insanity and I had NO idea what I was getting myself into.  I knew that people mentioned it was difficult, but I was so motivated by the before & afters I kept seeing that I just jumped at the workout and stuck with it.  There was a fire in my belly that told me I was meant for MORE than I was giving myself credit for.  I knew that I wanted to make a change and I knew that Insanity could be the vehicle of that change.  Well, change I did!

Insanity Before & After

Above are my measurements and changes that happened after 75 days of Insanity and I am darn proud of these results!  The girl in the before pictures wasn't proud of health and just didn't really care about it.  I would laugh it off and pretend to be confident when I truly was the furthest thing from confident.  The girl in those black shorts though?  She had started a lifestyle of confidence, fitness, belief and change.  Now, after having a baby and struggling to lose the baby weight, I am starting Insanity over again to see if I can re-harness the power of the program and get some more awesome results!

My official day one of the program was Sunday morning, which is when I did the Fit Test.  Whoo-whee that was INTENSE!!!   I couldn't believe how much I was sweating and how out of breath I was, but it felt great!  I've now completed another two days of the program and I'm reminded of something I learned the first time around: it never gets easier, you just get better.  At the end of every workout I expect to still be just as covered in sweat and out of breath as I have been, I'll just hopefully be able do do a couple more jumps, squat a bit deeper and lunge a bit lower.  Time, of course, will tell, but I have some big goals to hit!

Insanity Workout

Weight-wise, I have a goal of getting back to 180 pounds.  This is a big goal for sure, and I'm not putting all my stock in the scale, but I would still like to see it hit that!  I would also like to see my measurements drop and my stamina for the workouts increase.  Lastly, I have a little black flower dress that was just starting to fit before I got pregnant and I would love to rock it again!

The next couple months are going to be a bit hectic, a bit tiring, a bit crazy (or maybe insane would be the appropriate word choice?!) but I can't wait!

For a meal plan I will be follpowing the clean eating principles as I did on the first round.  Hey, what isn't broken doesn't need fixing, right?!

If you would like to follow along, please check back on this blog and follow my journey over on Facebook at My Fortitude Fitness!

If you would like to join me on this journey (with this or another workout program!), please fill out the application form below!  I have two challenge groups starting this month and I would be honored to help you hit your own health & fitness goals!

Until next time,

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Cize - the Finale

Well guys, I've done it!

I have officially completed the entire CIZE workout program!  Talk about the end of exercise!  This was a fun program, it was challenging, exciting and definitely had me sweating everyday.  Cize is so different from all the other workout programs I have done, but doing something different was refreshing and it made it easy to press play each day!  Before doing Cize I had done a full round of Body Beast, and I am not lying when I say that these two programs are like night and day!  It was a big change but an awesome one!

Cize also got me prepped for the next step - Insanity!  When I first started my Beachbody journey, it was with Insanity, and I had incredible results.  It has been quite a while since I completed that program, but starting on Sunday I am back at it and I have big goals!  More will be coming on Insanity tomorrow, though.  Today is all about Cize!

Cize workout

Let's talk results!

I didn't lost 25 pounds, and I didn't lose 25 inches.  I don't have killer before & after pictures and so some might say that I didn't get great results.  That's where those people would be wrong.  As of Sunday morning, I was at 217.8, which is a couple pounds from where I started and I'm happy with that!  Considering that I spent Saturday evening at the MN State Fair (which doesn't tend to include super healthy choices) AND Saturday was my rest day, I know that the 217.8 is a bit misleading.  The number would be lower than that if it weren't for the 'day after' effect of crappy food and water retention.  So even with all that, I'm happy that I'm down a couple pounds!  

My chest and my waist measurements also decreased which I was happy to see!

Cize happened, and I'm so glad it did, and I know it helped prep me for what's next!  I know I will be returning to Cize again, though!

Until next time,


Cize, Week Five

Five weeks of Cize down and only one to go - one?!  That's crazy to me!!!

The past five weeks have absolutely flown by.  The month of August has my family celebrating my birthday, Jake's birthday AND our anniversary.  Along with that I had some things at work that took up more of my time than usual outside of the house so it has not been smooth sailing for me, but I'm still here and I'm still committed to making the changes and getting back to where I want to be.

During this hectic time Cize has been a great option for me as a workout because it truthfully doesn't feel like I'm working out.  Even with sweating up a storm, it's a lot of fun to dance around my living room and learn the choreography.  From a girl who hasn't had a dance class in two decades, the fact that I feel pretty confident in how well I picked up the choreography is definitely saying something!

Results, results, results.

Those are a sticky point right about now.

I have been struggling to collect some scale victories, but my non-scale victories have been on point!  Honestly, I'm happier with the non-scale victories than I think I would be with seeing the scale drop.
Sure, I have some scale-related goals that I am working towards, but my other goals are more important to me.  Lately I have felt great, I have had energy, been sleeping well and did I mention that I have felt great?  Those things are what I'm really paying attention to!

About two months after Bonnie Ann was born I would have given anything to just feel great.  I was over the lingering pain of childbirth (whoowee it definitely doesn't stop hurting right away!!) and I was starting to workout again.  Somehow, though, I re-triggered an old back injury and I re-triggered it in a big way!  I couldn't walk, I could hardly move, it hurt to lift anything and I had to have my mom come down to take care of both Bonnie and me.  I didn't trust myself to be alone with her because I truly was in so much pain I couldn't do much.

I ended up going to the chiropractor and that helped immensely in the beginning.  I was able to move, to walk, to bend over and even just being able to do those things again was incredible to me.  Eventually I added workouts back in to my routine, but I opted to start Body Beast because weight lifting seemed like a better option than crazy cardio and jumping.  I'm glad I did that program because it really did help me as I recovered and became stronger.

Then Cize came along.  I was a bit wary of the jumping associated with dancing, but I am SO glad I made the leap and went for it - my back feels GREAT since starting this program!  I honestly think that it has helped loosen up my back muscles, added in some flexibility and built up some strength.  Those three things are crucial and it has helped with all of them!

So, having a healthy back again?

Best victory there can be!

It's crazy to think that there is only one week left in Cize but I'm excited for it!

Then?  I think I'll be jumping into something a bit more intense.

Watch and see!

If you are up for a challenge and want to get started on your own journey, comment below with your email address or email me directly at ashelykrek@gmail.com .  I have a group starting September 7th that will not only focus on our physical health, but it will also incorporate mental, emotional and nutritional help.  This is a small-group format but I would love to have you fill up one of the spots!


Let's Talk about Baby Weight

Baby weight.  Let's talk about it.

My body has done some incredible things. It has allowed a beautiful little girl to grow inside it and it then was able to welcome her to the world.

It has gone skydiving, traveled the world, celebrated 28 birthdays and countless other things.

I love my body. My body as it is now, my body as it has been and my body as it will be. Life is too short to hate, nitpick or be self-conscious about the little things. My body has done some incredible things and I hope it continues to do so.

But back to that baby weight.

Before having Bonnie Ann I was in the best shape of my left and I felt great. I felt strong, confident, energetic and just all-around great.  I still feel confident, strong and great, but I know I can physically feel better than I do now.  I know that I can have more energy, more confidence, more strength and just feel healthier on a day-to-day basis.  

I don't regret a single ounce of weight I have because of that little girl, but I am ready to move on from it and put those pounds in my past.

I don't want to lose the baby weight because I hate my body. I want to lose the baby weight because I want to get back to feeling as good as I once did.

I have had people tell me that it's not a race, that I shouldn't care, that baby weight is just something mothers have to live with, that I should focus on her and forget about my weight.  Respectfully, I have to disagree.

Mothers don't have to be stuck in a body that doesn't feel right.
Baby weight isn't a disease without a cure.
We can focus on us without forgetting about our babies.
We can love our bodies while seeking to change them.
Doing something good for myself is, in fact, the same thing as doing something good for Bonnie.
We deserve to feel 100%.

So, that baby weight?

Yep, it's still there.   I haven't lost it all, even though I have been trying to.  It has been a bit of a struggle and I have become a bit frustrated with it from time to time (coaches struggle too!)  I swear that baby weight is a little bit stickier than pre-baby weight (that statement, of course, has no medical truth behind it!)

I'm a mom, a coach, a wife and a friend.  I struggle, I try again, and I will succeed.  Now, though, I'm looking for a bit of help!  On September 7th I will be starting a new challenge group but in this challenge group I will be a participant as well as the person who runs it!  This group will help hold me accountable as well as the others in it.  

I'm adding an extra twist to this group.  Let's call it a bonus, if you will.  This group will not only be focusing on physical fitness and nutrition, it will also incorporate self-love and acceptance.  Everyone who commits to this group will receive a copy of You are a Badass by Jen Sincero as a gift from me.  Throughout the course of the group we will read this book, discuss it, and transform not only our bodies but our minds and spirits as well!

Positive thinking and an eager heart can do so much for each of us but we too often overlook what we need because we are so focused on what everyone else needs.  In this group?  We are going to commit to putting ourselves first for 60 days; I for one am beyond excited to get started!

If you have extra baby weight (or even pre-baby weight!) to get rid of AND you would like to work one-on-one with me to transform your physical and mental fitness, please fill out the application below.  There will only be a handful of dedicated & passionate people admitted into this group.  I am keeping it small on purpose, so we can really get to know each other and kick butt on our goals.  

I hope to have you be one of the few!

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Today in History: August 18

It has been too long since I have done a Today in History Shakeology post - but better late than never again, right?  Today is August 18th and there was something very special that happened today in history.  (Though, admittedly, you won't find this in any history books.  I'm doing a personal Today in History for this one!)

Today in 2012 (three very short AND very long years ago - I can't believe it's already been three years and I can't believe it has only been three years!) Jake and I got married!

We had started dating in the beginning of 2010, got engaged on September 10, 2012 and got married August 18, 2013. The night that we got engaged, my sister asked if we had thought about when we'd like to get married - and we told her the exact date! Clearly we had been talking about it before he asked :)  

For my entire life I knew that I wanted to get my wedding cake from Jack's Bakery in my hometown (now, very sadly, closed!)  Jack's was my sister's first job, my brother's first job and my first job - we had a lot of hours invested in that place!  They seriously made the best cakes and frostings ever so there was just no other option for me.  A couple places we looked at for venue would have required us to get a cake from a specific bakery - wasn't going to happen!  

At Jack's my favorite type of cake was their almond cake with almond buttercream, so naturally I had that cake for our main centerpiece cake because I knew I would get served that at the head table.  It was delicious!

So, for my Today in History, I made Vanilla Almond Cake Shakeology - let's just say this - YUM!!!

3/4 C Milk of choice
3/4 C Water (more if desired)
Vanilla Shakeology
2 T vanilla cake mix
1/2 t almond extract
Ice (I used 6 cubes)

Yes, it's true that this isn't the absolute healthiest Shakeology recipe out there, but as an occasional treat I think it's worth it!  

I'd love to hear what you think of this after trying it!  And if you would like to try it but don't have Shakeology, let me know!  I have samples available for purchase and I would love to get some to you!