Weeks 28 & 29 Bump Update

It's true, I have failed yet again at keeping my bump dates updated on time.  The third trimester has me absolutely exhausted every. single. day.  It is about everything I can do to even get to work for a full day - once I get home I honestly think I could fall asleep for the night.  Most days I manage without a nap, but I'd be lying if I said those hours between work and bedtime were full of super productive things.  Every day I feel more blessed by how incredible my husband is - he has no problem coming home and doing the house stuff and cooking I normally would do.  I suppose it is partly his fault I'm so tired so it's the least he can do, right?  ;)

The least I can do is write down what's happened these last couple weeks!  During week 28 Jake and I got our registries done - and as much fun as it was, it was also pretty darn stressful at the same time!  Although in a lot of ways it's similar to doing a wedding regsitry, doing a baby registry is putting together a list for a person you've never met before.  We have no idea what things the nugget will like and hate, so trying to pick out items wasn't as easy as I would have expected.  But we got it done and I am so excited to get the nursery all put together!  I think that will really make this all seem real (as if my growing belly hasn't really made it all sink in yet.)
I entered into 28 weeks at my family's annual Family & Friends Camping weekend.  We rent out three campsites and the whole crew comes out for a weekend of lounging by the fire, going on walks, playing golf on Saturday morning (I opted out this year and instead went to the park with the kiddos, my mom and former neighbor) and just having fun being together.  Normally I would have gone up on Friday night, but after a long couple days at work I just couldn't bring myself to make the drive that same night.  Jake had to work that weekend but was on days, so instead of going up Friday night we had a low-key night at home and I drove up in the morning.  It was a great weekend - it's crazy to think that next year I will have a family of three there! 
This past week started with our next ob appointment.  Everything was fine and now we're going down to appointments every other week - I can't believe it!  I think that will really make time start to fly.  (Honestly, I can't believe that we're almost at 30 weeks - once the weeks til my due date are in the single digits I feel like I'll just blink and baby will be here!)  No more progress has been made on the nursery but we did get to Sherwin Williams and bought paint!  Our goal is for Jake to get the nursery painted sometime in week 29 - wish us luck!  We are planning on cloth diapering and ordered those a month or so ago.  There were some back-order issues, but they finally made it to our house!  They are supposed to be washed six times before baby wears them, so my plan is to start on those washings once the nursery is painted and the furniture all assembled - then I'll be able to put them away and be ready for their work to start!
I know I already said it, but I'm repeating myself - next week will be my week 30 bumpdate and I can hardly believe it!  For now, here's my week 29 bump :)

Weight: According to the OB's scale I have gained about 20 pounds.  Replacing the battery from my own scale is still on my to-do list, though, so I can track it on a more reliable scale.  With switching between two different ob office locations and, therefore, different scales, the doctor himself recommended going off the scale at home for a more reliable read.
Sickness: If fatigue counts as sickness, then I am there!  I don't think it does, though, so this is just the complaining of a pregnant lady :)  I did end up refilling my anti-nausea medicine because I had a couple bad days, but I have only needed to take a couple of them, so I am happy with that.  I have noticed that if I go a bit too long in between meals or snacks I start to get sick, so I try and avoid that!
Cravings: Nothing to speak of
Food Aversions: Nope!

Clothing fittings: I never thought I would be a big fan of maxi dresses but they are seriously the best invention ever!  I have two black and white dresses (one from my mom that was originally meant to be a swimsuit coverup, and one from my sister-in-law) and I wear them each once a week to work - I am sure my coworkers will start to get sick of them but I don't think I will be anytime soon!  Between the dresses and my maternity pants I have been feeling very comfortable lately :)
Sleep: While at Babies r' Us doing the registry, I saw one of those pregnancy pillows (the ones that look like a huge upside-down U) and Jake insisted that we splurge on it.  (We had just left Fleet Farm where he got TWO new pairs of boots, so he figures it was only fair that I get something I wanted, too).  It was a bit on the spendy side, but I can say without a doubt that it is some of the best money we have ever spent.  The fort of pillows is GONE from the bed and I can't remember sleeping better at any point in this pregnancy than I do now.  I still wake up several times to use the bathroom, but it has been easier to fall asleep and stay asleep than it had been - I'm a big fan!
Movement: You betcha!  The movements have changed a bit, though.  There are fewer noticeable kicks and more prolonged movements - less thuds and more rolls, I guess you could say.  Feeling the movements and seeing by belly react is still one of my favorite things!
Emotions:  I am proud to say that I didn't have any breakdowns the past two weeks!  Maybe I'm too tired to be able to handle it??
Workouts: I'll be honest - these past couple weeks have been not-so-great in the workout department.  The fatigue has made it such a struggle to do anything outside of going to work and doing the bare minimum of housework I can justify.  I'm hoping I start to feel a bit more like myself and less like a zombie in the next couple weeks! 


Week 27 Bump Date

Week 27 here I am!  This week was a lot of fun and I really started to feel like Jake and I are getting some stuff in order for when baby arrives.  We still have a lot to do, but getting a couple things started is nice!

Saturday I spent shopping for various odds and ends and I wrapped up the day by making some burp cloths.  I'm a crafter at heart, so it was a lot of fun to make something that my little one will use once he or she is here :)  I did a Facebook poll of friends who already are mamas, and the overwhelming answer to my question of what is best to use as burp cloths was Target's Gerber brand cloth diapers.  So I got a five-pack, some fleece and fancied them up a bit!  I've heard that adding the fleece on the back helps them 'stick' a bit more to your shirt, so I thought I'd try it out (and they sure do make them a whole lot cuter!)  Obviously the picture below has the cloth flipped the wrong way, but that's just for the photo op ;)

Later in the week I had a bit of a pregnancy meltdown.  We discovered that somehow a mouse had found its way into our basement (gross, I know.  It gives me the heebie jeebies just thinking about it!)  After finding out about this mouse, I proceeded to cry and tell Jake that I wanted it gone (emotions and hormones were clearly running high).  Well, Jake not only took over laundry duty for the week so I didn't have to set foot in the basement, he also set up mouse traps.  On Wednesday when we were both home for lunch, he went and checked the traps - and the mouse was no longer a resident of our house!  After the initial relief that the mouse was gone and couldn't get back in, I then started sobbing.  Uncontrollably.  We're talking a full-on sobfest where I could hardly catch my breath and Jake had to calm me down so I didn't pass out from lack of oxygen.  Why?  Well, because my hormonal brain started thinking "it's really pretty sad that this little mouse was just hanging out, thought 'I'm kind of hungry - I'll go look for some food'.  It found some food (the peanut butter on the trap), started having a little snack and then died."  The little mouse's demise set me off and I think it was a good 5 minutes before I could breathe normally again.

Pregnancy: 1.  Ashley's emotional stability: 0.

Besides making burp cloths and mourning a mouse, the rest of the week wasn't super-exciting but was still fun.  Jake and I had a date night to see Into the Storm (does anyone else love, love LOVE storm movies??  I know I do!)  I also finished up my book for book club (note to self: do NOT read a murder mystery about a serial killer in southern Minnesota when your husband will be at work all night.  You will not get any sleep that night.)

Baby has continued to kick up a storm, we've continued our nursery discussions and I also found a pair of jeans that still fits!

And now for that baby bump!

Weight: I still haven't replaced the scale so I don't know where my weight stands!  

Sickness: No sickness to speak of and I am so grateful!

Cravings: None this week!

Food Aversions: Nothing new this week!

Clothing fittings: Clothes are still fitting - including the jeans I got to wear on Friday at work because of the long weekend ahead, but I think the jeans won't last long :)  I have been wearing my maternity pants to work and am SO comfortable!  

Sleep: Sleep has been touch-and-go.  I thought I had "cracked the code" last week, but that was a short-lived celebration.  It's been uncomfortable trying to stay on my side and the bed has become more of a fort because of all the pillows I need to have on it! 

Movement: Yes and I am the biggest fan in the world of all these little punches and kicks!  Right around 5 pm seems to be baby's most active time of the day.  I think he or she knows that I just got home from work and will have some quiet time so that's when baby decides to play!  Most days around 5 you can find me on my couch with my feet on the coffee table watching my belly shake with the movements - I love it :) 

Emotions:  Clearly, as you could tell from the mouse story, emotions were running high this week.  I think my lack of sleep has started to catch up with me and that is not making it easy to stay clear-headed!  I'll figure out this sleep thing eventually, though :)  

Workouts: Working out has been great!  I don't push myself as far as I used to but it's nice to just have some activity in my week!


Week 26 Bump Update

I'm caught up - finally!  The fact that I am already at 26 weeks blows my mind!  How is this possible???  It seems like each month seems to fly by but at the same time it doesn't feel like the time until my due date gets any closer.  Does that make any sense??  I have 14 weeks left until baby is supposed to be here and I think I am so anxious to meet the little one that it seems like these last weeks will take forever.  But of course I know that's not the case and that he or she will be here in the blink of an eye :)  In the meantime, I'd better get started on that nursery!

Here we go for my 26 week bump update!

This past week can be summed up in one word and one word exactly: exhausting!  I don't know if baby was going through a growth spurt or if I just overdid it, but I felt like I was right back in my first trimester when all I wanted to do was sleep all day everyday.  I didn't give in to that temptation, of course :)

This week started with a big event on Saturday - I had my entire immediate family down for dinner and they delivered baby's crib and dresser as well!  Because we live in a smaller town it was easier for these items to be brought to them and then brought to us, so that's what we did.  Plus it gave them an excuse to come down and see the new furniture we got a couple weeks ago!  Win-win :)  

My grandma gave Jake and I roses for our anniversary - I love them AND  the vase!
It was so much fun to have everyone down and I even broke out the good china for the meal.  It really wasn't anything fancy, but we rarely have an excuse to use those dishes so I thought this was as good a reason as any!  Jake had a bunch of stuff going on at the farm so I ended up doing a lot of the prep work, and let's just say that I was ready to sit down for a while after they arrived!  

Seven of the fifteen place settings - we definitely had a full house!
The dresser made it's way into the nursery with the help of my brother-in-law, but the crib is still in the box in the guest room.  Eventually Jake and I will get started on the nursery - time is starting to run down!!!

Tuesday had us back at the ob's office for our follow-up ultrasound.  At our first ultrasound at 21 weeks baby's stomach was measuring small for our gestational age so our doctor wanted us to come back in to track it.  It was incredible to get to see baby kicking, yawning, moving and just looking all-around adorable on the big screen again :)  Our doctor still wasn't sure that baby was measuring for its age, but after doing a bit more research it turns out that we are good!  Everything is measuring on time and baby is growing and developing well, so I am one happy and relieved mama.  I tried to not think on it too much after we left the office, but it's hard not to when you've had two ultrasounds that seem to show the same problem.  So to know that everything is, in fact, measuring on time is awesome!

Our next appointment is in three weeks and after that we'll be going to every other week appointments - it doesn't seem possible that we're already shortening up the time between visits!!

On Thursday night Jake and I were watching Big Brother and baby apparently was pretty anxious about what was going to happen because it felt like he or she was break dancing in there!  I had Jake come over to feel and I swear that baby kicked the hardest it ever has about 10 seconds after Jake put his hand on my stomach.  His eyes got huge, he looked at me and asked what I did - he didn't believe that it was all baby at first!  Then we took a couple seconds to just watch as my belly rolled with baby's movements (I much prefer these belly rolls to the other kind!)  I think it's one of those moments and memories that neither I nor Jake will ever forget.  A very special time!

Here's my bump at 26 weeks!

Weight: I have no idea!  Our scale's battery went out and I haven't replaced it yet.  

Sickness: I have feeling pretty good this week.  I have been really paying attention to how much water I drink each day and also not going too long in between meals.  If I accidentally go too long without eating I find myself getting nauseated, so I am trying to make sure that doesn't happen!  One thing I mentioned to the doctor is that I will randomly feel my hands and feet heating up and getting that pins-and-needles feeling.  It doesn't hurt, it's just a bit strange.  He said that I am likely feeling that at times when my blood pressure drops a bit and it's nothing to be too concerned about.  Just something that goes along with pregnancy I guess!

Cravings: A couple weeks ago I had a huge craving for sour gummy candies and tried to ignore it but it just wouldn't go away!  So I splurged on some of those sour watermelons and since then I haven't had any cravings :) 

Food Aversions: Nothing new this week!

Clothing fittings: I am still fitting in most things from pre-pregnancy except for most of my black pants (which I'm okay with!)  That has meant more dresses at work, which are in fact more comfortable than pants anyways.  If I'm home I'm probably wearing one of two pairs of maternity shorts I got at Kohls - I love them!

Sleep: I think I might have finally cracked the code for sleeping!  I try to not drink water an hour or so before bed and that has definitely helped cut down on the number of times I wake up to use the bathroom and I think my body has become accustomed to sleeping on my side.  

Movement: YES!  Baby has been kicking up a storm and I honestly love it!  I know that it might start to actually hurt at some point, but for now the kicks haven't been hurting at all - they're just a nice reminder that baby is doing well in there! 

Emotions:  I was a bit stressed and on edge after our second ultrasound when we were waiting to hear if we had to see a specialist for a third ultrasound on baby's stomach, but once that fear was taken away and baby's stomach was cleared as being on track I settled down and haven't been too emotional!

Workouts: My workouts have been great!  I have been mixing it up a bit between Piyo and Brazil Butt Lift for when I want something a bit more cardio and less stretching-focused.  Between those two I've been feeling great!


Week 25 Bump Update

Oh how lovely it feels to only be ONE week behind on these updates!  Last week I caught up with a bunch of missing ones, and this week I'll be updating for week 25 as well as week 26, which I am in right now!  (My schedule so far has been to consider the day I turn the next 'week' in pregnancy as the week I'm updating.  So when I say 'week 25 bump update' I'm actually updating for the entirety of week 24 - which, now that I think of it, seems kind of like a dumb way to do it.  But I'm going to stick with it since that's how I started!  I'd rather look ahead than back anyway!)

So for now, my Week 25 Bump Update!

This week started out with Jake and I still in the Duluth area for our babymoon/birthdays/anniversary getaway.  By the time we headed home on Monday night I was ready to sleep for a good 36 hours.  But, unfortunately, I had to at work the next morning (darn Tuesdays!!!)

I think the jam-packed weekend we had caught up to me, though, because by Wednesday I was feeling pretty sick and rundown.  This meant I had to take another vacation day from work (this was a very common occurrence in my first trimester - I was sick pretty much every day from a week before we found out I was pregnant to a couple weeks into second trimester!)

This week wasn't all bad, though (of course not!)  The previous week our dishwasher decided to die on us, and this week our new shiny replacement arrived!  I had become a master at handwashing, drying and putting away our dishes, but I would be lying if I said that I wasn't beyond excited to see the delivery man pull up with our new washer!  (If only they could figure out a way for a dishwasher to also dry the tops of Tupperware and then put it all away - now THAT would be a good investment!)

Jake and I contemplated just not replacing the dishwasher at all, but we thought that adding a new baby into the family, tackling cloth diapering and having to hand wash all our dishes right in the middle of the holiday season (since baby is due two days after Thanksgiving) might get to be a bit much.  Luckily dishwashers aren't nearly as expensive as I was afraid they would be, so that made me happy!

Tomorrow I will officially be caught up to present day with my updates - and I'm going to stick with it from here on out!!!  But I did take a 25-week bump picture - here it is with a comparison shot to 21 weeks!


Weeks 22-24 Failure

Somehow three weeks went by and I became a complete failure when it comes to keeping up with my bump dates!  I have no excuse - absolutely none.  My goal was to do this each and every week but I dropped the ball for a couple of them.  That being said, I'm back!  I'm now at 25 1/2 weeks and I even have a 25-week bump date picture (that you'll have to wait until tomorrow to see!)  

For today I wanted to do a quick update on weeks 22 - 24, which actually were very exciting weeks for me!

22 Weeks

Each new week, for me, starts on a Saturday.  The beginning of week 22 of this pregnancy had me at my parent's campgroup taking a much needed mini break from house stuff and work drama.  I started Saturday morning at my brother and sister-in-laws (as of last week!) helping them get some final wedding prep done. I also got to see two of my nephews - it was great!  Saturday night a friend from work came to the campground and it was a lot of fun to just relax!  

This week we also were able to put together my new desk, and let me just say this: I am in love!!!  We had a roll-top desk which was functioning and was beautiful, but there was very very little room to spread out and really feel like you could delve into work.  The new desk gives me all the space I would want plus some!  New living room furniture AND a new desk?  I'm one happy lady!

Earlier in the week (so, technically, in week 21) Jake and I went in for our first ultrasound.  I still haven't shared those pictures either!  Mommy failure!  

23 Weeks

On the day we turned the corner on week 23 Jake and I went on our very first shopping-for-baby outing and it was super exciting.  We wanted to pick out a crib and dresser set so we (well, maybe more I, since I'm a bit of a worry wart!) could feel like we had at least a bit of a start on the nursery.  We each had differing opinions on what our favorite one was, and ultimately we compromised and chose our mutual 2nd favorite set.  It was delivered just this past weekend and I have to say that I am glad we went the way we did.  Both our number 1 choices were a bit more 'out there' in terms of design and color (mine was gray, his was a distressed wood finish).  The one we chose will likely stand the test of time a bit better than either of those would have.  

Also during this week our dishwasher decided to die on us.  I woke up one morning and went to unload it when I realized that everything in it was EXTREMELY hot still!  We had started the dishwasher before going to bed so this absolutely should not have been the case.  Once I looked at the front panel I noticed that it had somehow become stuck on the heat dry cycle.  I thought it was just a fluke and re-ran it that night, but it never successfully completed a cycle again. We had a repairman come out but he informed us that it wasn't worth it to fix - so we got to go dishwasher shopping!  We did, for a day or two, discuss not replacing it, but we decided that adding handwashing all our dishes right when we're expecting a new little one was probably going to stress us out more than necessary, so we nixed that idea pretty quickly.  Hopefully the new dishwasher will be installed this week - I can't wait to have one back in the house again!

24 Weeks

The weekend of 24 weeks was a VERY exciting weekend!  After getting off work Jake and I drove up to the cities to start the celebration of my brother and brand-new sister-in-law's wedding weekend!  They had an open house on Friday night and it was a lot of fun to get to see everyone before the hectic wedding day!  Saturday I got up and headed to the hotel with all the ladies to get our make-up done, and just a few short hours later we were on our way to the park for the ceremony.  They seriously could not have had more perfect weather than what they had - the day was absolutely beautiful and the ceremony (and bride, of course!) were as well!  

On Sunday (which just so happened to be my birthday!) Jake and I woke up early and drove up to Duluth for a night away to celebrate both our birthdays, our 2nd anniversary and a mini babymoon.  We went to Northern Minnesota for both our honeymoon and an engagement trip, so it seemed perfectly fitting to do so again.  Let me tell you something, though... all that walking was hard on this pregnant lady's legs!  Jake gave me the absolute perfect gift while we were up there - a pregnancy massage!  I had never before had a professional massage, and truth be told I probably wouldn't have spent the money on it myself.  I am so beyond grateful that he chose to get one for me, though.  My lower back and upper left shoulder had been causing me a LOT of pain lately, so it was great to have a bit of time to just get pampered and get all those issues worked out.  My shoulder hasn't hurt once since!  (Jake gained more points than I can imagine with that gift!!)  

I very much wish that I had full posts on each of these weeks but what can I say besides "I dropped the ball!"  Starting tomorrow I am back on track with my weekly check-ins though!  It's absolutely incredible to think that there are now less than 15 weeks until my due date... time is going to fly!