7 Months with Bonnie Ann

It absolutely blows my mind to know that Bonnie Ann turned seven months old on Sunday.  Where did all this time go and how can I get it back?

This past month has been a very fun one for Bonnie and for us.  She is learning new things all the time and it is such a blessing to get to spend my days with her.  Jake stays home with her one day a week as well, so I can go into the office, and I know he loves these days of cuddles and naps on the couch.  

During the last month Bonnie has become an absolute pro at sitting up by herself.  She of course can't get herself to a seated position yet, but when you position her she will move around and keep her balance for the longest time.  She will sometimes get a bit too wobbly and fall backwards or to the side, but that is pretty few and far between now.

Naps have turned into an everyday occurrence and let me say, I am happy with this development!  She will normally wake up anytime between 6 and 8 and then take a 2 hour nap around 10 am.  She'll then be up until 5 or so, and will then take a quick half hour or hour-long nap.  Bedtime is normally between 8 and 9, and then the cycle begins again the next day!

She has had the two front bottom teeth for a while, and just recently a third tooth has made an appearance.  It is one of the top teeth, but not center - one that's right to the side of center.  So I suspect that there will be a couple teeth that come in quick succession here shortly.

Bonnie hasn't yet started crawling, but she can definitely get wherever she wants to go.  If you have her on the floor she will be on the other side of the room before you have a chance to blink.  Along with that, she has become very adept at spinning herself around while she's on her tummy.  If there is something that she wants to get to, she'll get there!  We feel like crawling will begin soon - I'm not sure we're ready for that yet though!!  We did put up a play pen in the living room just for when we have to take bathroom breaks or switch laundry out.  She's such a fast mover that it's nice to just have the peace of mind that she can't get into anything while we're gone!

She still enjoys blowing bubbles, scratching faces and cuddling.  Some of her new favorite things today are JUMP in her jumper - there's no slowing this lady down when she gets going!  She also does the funniest hand movements.  She'll be holding her nook and a toy (or not holding anything) and she just rolls her wrists.  I don't know why she does it but she loves to!

She and dad love giving each other high fives and she knows exactly how to do them!  She's happiest in the morning and she will greet you with the biggest smile and a bit of a Superman dance because she waves her arms and legs and balances on her belly. It's one of the things Jake and I love to see the most!

Cloth diapering is still going well, but we did start having her sleep in disposables.  They seem to be a bit more absorbent for the longer stretch of time - she loves her beauty sleep!  We'll still sometimes have a bit of a leaking issue, but it's not too bad.  I think part of the problem is that she always sleeps on her belly - the fronts of those diapers just don't have as much to them as the backs!

She got to visit with dad's cows for the first time and she was SO interested in them.  She wanted to pet them and just kept looking around at all of them.  One in particular became her friend, and the sight of her and her dad just melted my heart!

She is still in 6 month clothes, and some of the larger 3 months still fit, but those will soon be packed up because they're getting a bit snug.

Seven months - I can't believe it!  I am excited to see what the next month has in store for us!

Until then,


Healthy PB & J

I probably shouldn't even consider this worthy of making a blog post about.  Really, it's just peanut butter and jelly.  That's easy!  Regardless, I'm here, I'm typing, and by golly a blog post is going to come out of it.

I made this for myself, but when Bonnie gets old enough to eat sandwiches it will definitely be the type of peanut butter & jelly sandwich she will be given.  "Normal" peanut butter and jelly are loaded with added sugar and other unhealthy ingredients - why give these to our kids and introduce them to unhealthy habits?!

I think we sometimes assume that eating healthy or even just eating healthier has to be complicated, expensive or a big departure from what we are used to.  That's not the case at all though!  If this idea doesn't persuade you, I'm not sure what will (but really, I think this will persuade you.) 

Healthy Peanut Butter and Jelly

The ingredients, and the steps, are about as simple as they can get (added bonus - this could absolutely be used as a lunch/snack/dinner for the 21 Day Fix!)


- 2 slices of 100% whole wheat bread (I only buy bread that is 100% whole wheat/grain, and I highly recommend you make the switch if you haven't already.) Each slice would be a yellow in the Fix!

- All Natural Peanut Butter (This would count for teaspoons in the Fix - as many as you want to use that will fit into your meal plan)

- Pitted, chopped cherries (or strawberries, or blueberries, or your berry of choice!)  This would be a  purple in the Fix!

The steps are the same as any other type of sandwich - put the fillings on one piece of bread, and top with the second.  Then enjoy!

Too easy - and too tasty!  How do you make your PB&J sandwiches?  Have I convinced you to try this way out?


Be A Shining Example of Fortitude

Sometimes, life can get hard.
It can pile up.
We have bills, laundry, work, play, family, friends and it can be a struggle to fit it all in.
I have been there, done that, and I know that it is not a place I enjoy being!

Perseverence Quote

Sometimes, though, life isn't all that hard.
Sometimes we make it more difficult than it has to be.
We focus on how busy we are instead of how blessed we are.
We focus on the bills we have to pay instead of the blessings we can pay forward.
We think of family and friends as a responsibility instead of a blessing.

Long story short?  We are all blessed more than we recognize.

Gratitude Quote

There are blessings around every corner, but so often we are too focused on finding a shortcut that we bypass the corners completely and forget what blessings we have.

2015 is half-way over.  We are officially on the second half of 2015 - what have you done with it so far?  Have you been able to slow down and enjoy the year, or have you been so busy rushing to get things done that you haven't been able to take a second to breathe?

2015 has been an incredible year for me so far.  I have been working in the office one day a week, and other than that day I get to hang out with my daughter.  I get to cuddle with her, feed her, play with her and just watch her grow.


I have been able to build an at-home business not by being a salesperson and pushing product on people, but rather by being a mentor, coach and source of support for people who are struggling but who want to improve their health and fitness.


I have been able to have day dates with my husband, go camping with my parents, and just enjoy life.


Later this month I get to travel to Nashville with 25,000 other Beachbody coaches and have a weekend away.   I will be able to network, create friendships, build my business and take a couple days to focus on me.


Now, I am opening my newest Coach Apprenticeship group and help other people do these same things.  I will help them help others.  I will help them create a life they love instead of going through the motions.  I will get to help them build their own dreams instead of only helping their bosses build theirs.  I will get to pay it forward simply by helping them help people.  Why not you?


If you are interested in learning more about what a coach is, how it can fit into your busy life (and perhaps help you free up some time for yourself and your family) and how you can create a life and a living by helping others, please fill out the application below.  I am only opening this up to six people.  Just six.  Why not you?

Team Beachbody Coaching

There are tons of Wufoo features to help make your forms awesome.


Chicken Rhubarb Dinner

The rhubarb season might be over, but do you have a stock pile in your freezer that is large enough to hold you over for a while?  I know that I do!  I had a couple stalks in my fridge that I wanted to use up, and I just wasn't in the mood to bake - so I cooked instead!  I hadn't had rhubarb outside of a sweet treat before, so I gave it a go - and I'm glad I did.

Chicken + Rhubarb = YUM!

Chicken Rhubarb

I never would have guessed!

So, what do you need for it?

Rhubard Chicken

Although this meal takes a bit of time, most of that time is just cooking time.  The prep is pretty straight-forward and it all comes together quickly!  I had this with brown rice and carrots and it was a filling, tasty and healthy meal!  (Yes, there is apple cider beer in there, but with the long cook time most of that is cooked off by the time you eat it.)

When I first made this, I did so with only one chicken breast and it was a tab bit spicier than I would normally like my food.  It was still super tasty, I just like it better when I make two chicken breasts.  However, if you like spice, then go a bit heavier on your rub ingredients!

Rhubarb dinner

I'd love to hear what you think about this!


Body Beast Woman's Results Beast Week Two

Body Beast Woman's Results

Aaaaahh!  I officially only have TWO weeks left in the ENTIRE Body Beast program!  I have so many thoughts going through my head it's hard to sort them out.  

I can't believe how quickly the time has flown!

I am proud of myself for sticking to the program and not completely skipping a workout.

Yes, I did have one or two double days because I missed the workout the day before, but I got them all in!
I LOVE my results and I worked hard for them!

Sure, I would have liked to have slimmed down a bit more, 
but I'm not hung up on that at all - that will come with Cize, I have no doubt!

Ultimately, I am proud of myself for doing this workout, sticking to it,
improving my strength and completing it!

This past week was a bit rougher than the others.  On Wednesday I had a late night, which caused me to sleep in on Thursday.  Needless to say, that workout got pushed to Thursday night, which then made me feel a bit off with my Friday morning workout.  Going of schedule is clearly not good for me!

All the workouts gone done, though, and I noticed one large non-scale victory.  In some of the workouts, Sagi has us walk out to a plank, stand back up, and walk back out again.  Throughout the entirety of the program (up until this point) I had struggled with getting these in.  I was generally doing 2 while the trainer and other participants were doing 3.  This week, though? I ROCKED all three of them!  My strength and overall fitness is improving - and I LOVE IT!!!

I still have a ways to go, but I am so glad I chose to jump into this program.  It's been great!  Now, how about some results??

Body Beast Results for Woman

This tracking sheet makes me smile for a couple reasons.  

1) My weight has once again dropped by a bit.  Not a long, but when I started with Body Beast I knew that increasing my muscle mass would mean my weight wouldn't drop like crazy.  It's still nice to see the scale dip a bit, though!

2) I'm evening out!  My arms are now the same - whoo hoo!   My thighs are getting closer to even, as well.  I like it!

3) Inches keep dropping!  My chest has stayed the same (I'm alright with this lol) but I lost inches between my arms, waist, hips and thighs - all places I am happy to lose inches!

Two weeks left - just two weeks!  I am excited to see my before/after pictures with Body Beast, and I am SO excited to get started with Cize after my return from Beachbody's Summit in Nashville!  

When I was growing up (and still to this day) my dad always said that it's good to have something to look forward to.  And I have two things!

Are you interested in learning more about Body Beast, Cize or Coach Summit and what it means to be a Beachbody coach?  Get it touch with me!  I would love to chat with you about all the opportunities Beachbody has and how it can help you!  Comment below with your email address, or email me directly at ashleykrek@gmail.com.

Until next time,